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Refreshing my task management

Org mode has been a bit of a thorn in my side as of late. Yes, it’s true that I absolutely love org mode and it’s one of the few things keeping me from being a complete mess… But I have also never really made it work super well for task management for myself. In some sense, it has never had to be good at that for me to love it.

The fact of the matter is that org is not just one thing. It’s an incredible language for markup — beautifully more expressive than markdown, and far less finicky and verbose than LaTex. I use org-mode to take some notes, write some homework assignments and documentation, and even record recipes to make a cookbook. This is where org really shines for me. This is what I use it for.

But, org mode is also a huge (and hugely popular) task management system… I just don’t use it. So, let’s look at how we’re going to attempt to fix that… Yet again.

What has gone wrong?

I’ve always loved the idea of organizing myself with org mode, but it’s just never really clicked with me. It has always seemed clunky, and unnecessarily painful for this purpose.

What are we doing to fix this?

I’m organizing my projects into individual files. This should make it far easier to see everything that’s going on, and much easier to manipulate.